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      ABOUT US

      Ningxia Huayi Chemical Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

      Ningxia Huayi Chemical Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is a chemical manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, service and integration. The person in charge of the company has been engaged in this industry for many years, has rich production and management experience, has a deep social foundation in the industry, and has a good level of industry development and enterprise management. The company has strong technical force and advanced technology. The company's technical expertise is strong, and special equipment operators must be trained before they can hold a certificate.

      • Kaifu South Road, New Chemical Industry Park, Ningdong Energy Base, Yinchuan City, Ningxia
      • Contact: Mr Wang +86-13966081777
      • Tel: +86-951-8623111 Fax: +86-951-3806358
      • E-mail: sales@nxhuayi.com.cn
      Copyright(C)2020, Ningxia Huayi Chemical Material Technology Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ?ChemNet?ChinaChemNet?Toocle
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